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Our concept  -Safety Simplifier

Cable replacer  -  E-stop  -  Safety system in push button box  -  Safety system

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Cable replacer

Replace your cables with Safety Simplifiers proving a maximum range of 100m between each module. For longer distances and inhospitable environments a repeater module can be installed.

Each Simplifier repeats the safety information to each other. The LED indication provides safety and other important information such as voltage supply level on all Simplifiers.

E-stop systems

The Simplifier makes it easy to install an E-Stop system which is separated from the machine control system by using safety relay outputs. Simplifier can be connected either by cable or by wireless link.

Each Simplifier can provide safety relay outputs for stop signals to two machines in a system. The relay outputs can also be interconnected in one or more Simplifiers to stop the machines. The power supply to the Simplifiers,10-30 VDC, is easy to separate from the supply to the machines. This way a single machine can be shut off separately without causing an E-Stop to all the other machines. It makes it also simple to install E-Stop solutions for machine systems as no extra control cabinet is needed for additional E-Stop controls.

Safety system in a push button box

You can easily add safety functions to old and new safety systems. Just select the safety functions required, for example Door Locking, Time Delayed Un-locking, Safety Mode selection etc and connect the safety outputs to the existing safety system or directly to the machine/machines control system.

One Safety Simplifier:

  • connections to the safety devices on the market
  • connections for the different types of machine I/O´s
  • connection via 4 x M12 connectors or via 4 x cable glands
  • 14 I/O´s selectable as safety inputs or outputs
  • 2 x 2 double safety relay outputs
  • supply 10 - 30 VDC
  • up to 4 pushbuttons/selectors
  • LED display for system status and safety information
  • Box width 40mm
  • Enclosure rating IP65

Plug and safe to Safety System

A combination of up to 16 Safety Simplifiers makes it easy to create a complete safety system with 256 I/O. Just select required configurations directly on each Simplifier or use the computer based Safety Simplifier Manager to download the program.

Wireless or by cable

The system can be installed using wireless safety communication or hardwired between the Safety Simplifiers 

Safety Simplifier Manager

The configured program is downloaded to a Simplifier either using a memory card, a computer or via a wireless link between Safety Simplifier units. Each Simplifier has a unique code to ensure safe communication.

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