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We simplify machine safety

for fixed and mobile machines

We Simplify Safety

Business idea

Our mission is to simplify the design of safety systems for mobile and fixed machines. This we achieve by utilising wireless safety techniques, plug and play, and a safety service to our customers.

Products and systems

Our new product, the Safety Simplifier, makes it much easier to make user friendly safety systems. The Simplifier allows safety possibilities to where they are locally required, for example at door entrances where you make the choice for a safety solution, the push buttons you need and trouble shooting information. Machine stop functions can be connected wirelessly through other Safety Simplifiers or direct to an existing safety system.

Using the Simplifier it is easy to expand and change safety systems. Furthermore the safety documentation and the safety values are included.

Experience and co-operations

SSP personnel have extensive experience in the design and implementation of safety system solutions. The Safety Simplifier is the first new product resulting form the co-operation between SSP North AB and SSP GmbH. We continue the successful and innovative co-operation from the time in Jokab Safety in Sweden and Germany. Now we are together building up a new global organisation dedicated to the simplification of safety systems and services.

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